Kinemaster Mod Apk |v5.2.9.23390.GP No watermark, 4k

There was a time when people used to plan different gatherings, activities and casual meet ups but it was way too before the arrival of social media like face-book, Instagram and you tube etc. Now social media is trending every where. So most of the friends and other celebrities update the viewers and friends through new posts e.g. pictures and videos.

Initially, editing videos was possible only on PC. Now due to modern technology, we have the best camera in our smart phone and we can edit our pictures in phones. For that Kinemaster Mod Apk is the best editing app with incredible features.

Apk NameKineMaster – Video Editor
Category Video Editor
Current Version5.2.9.23390.GP
Size93 MB
Requires Android6.0 and up
Offered ByKineMaster Corporation
UpdatedJanuary 14, 2022
Rating4.5 Editor’s Choice
Mod InfoPremium Subscription
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Back before the arrival of the smartphones people used to take photos with other cameras which was a long process to edit those photos on pc and then upload them on social media. It was a hectic process on an almost daily basis. kine master editor is consequently the best video editor so far because of its unlimited pro features like a pc editor.

Kinemaster Mod Apk

Before going to the feature question arises that what is kinemaster? Kine master mod is the professional video editor for phones and PCs. There was a time when it used to work for android phones only but now it also works on PC and iOS as well. It is the most prominent, popular and well liked video editor nowadays because of its extraordinarily easy features.


  • Kinemaster mod apk main advantage is that all premium features are unlocked here and there will be no watermark on edited video or picture.
  • It can use to create astonishing products easily.
  • Kinemaster edge over other editing apps is that, it has more editing tools.


  • Main disadvantage of kinemaster mod apk is that, it does not run on low end devices. The minimum android version supported by kinemaster is 7.0.
kinemaster  4k

Kinemaster pro apk

Kinemaster pro mod apk is the latest version with some premium features of the app. Usually kinemaster is free for everyone to download but one can usually use it to some extent. To unlock all the extra features without purchasing the app, one has to click on the kinemaster pro apk download button. It is mostly loved by the Instagram influencers, you-tube content creators and face-book bloggers etc. You can also visit kinemaster pro post for detailed information.

Types of kinemaster mod apk:

There are different kinds of kinemaster pro.

  1. Green Kinemaster Apk:
    This version has all the same features as the kine master pro. This version is quite experimental, therefore if you want to conduct some trial and testing in order to explore certain things then kinemaster green is the best version for you.
  2. Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk
    This version is just like kinemaster pro apk. It has almost all the same features, like pro. It is the kinemaster mod apk latest version. Word diamond gives superiority even through its name. It has all the premium features that will be unlocked in this version.
  3. Kinemaster Lite Apk:
    If you have a low space phone then the lite version is best for you, because kinemaster lite apk takes very small space on your device and you can enjoy all the features of it. It supports phones which have low ram and slow processors.
  4. Black Kinemaster Mod Apk:
    There is no difference in the features of kine master pro and black kinemaster mod apk.
    Difference lies only in the interface. There is addition of black tone and theme in this version. Otherwise it’s the same.
  5. Kinemaster Gold:
    Kine master gold apk has unlocked all the premium features with amazing theme options. Usually we have to pay for unlocking extraordinary features but KM gold mod provides all the incredible features for free.

What’s New

Feature Updates:

  1. Supports category-wide Asset Store search
  2. Supports searching in the Audio Browser
  3. Supports installing custom fonts and applying previously used font to newly added text
  4. Supports resetting color adjustments
  5. Supports transcoding imported videos to a lower resolution

UX/UI Changes:

  1. Moves the Replace button to the Options menu panel

Kinemaster Mod Apk Features


As we all know, it has some tremendous and extraordinary features but the app is free for certain features only. Monthly charges for the app is around $4.99 and yearly subscription is for $39.99 which is quite expensive. Now you can enjoy all the features in kinemaster mod apk for free.

Chroma key:

This is one of the amazing features among all. Chroma key is basically used to change the background of many videos. Sometimes we make a video but we do not like its background, so through the kinemaster chroma key we can change it smoothly.

Multi track:

Multi track is mainly using different tracks in the background and mixing those tracks to make wonderful new music. You can actually mix and add up to eight songs. Therefore a person using this feature of kinemaster mod apk will be having a feeling like he is a pro and doing all this in a music studio.

mixing tracks

Speed adjustment:

This feature is about adjusting the speed of any video. While editing , we can increase the speed or can even decrease it which is usually known as slow motion. In the free version we can increase speed up to 2x, while in kinemaster mod apk all unlocked, you can enjoy it up to 16x.

No watermark:

Usually in the free version, every edited video will come along with the watermark at the end. Therefore it was only provided in the kinemaster premium version that you can edit any video without watermark. Now with kinemaster mod apk no watermark , you can enjoy unlimited editing without any logo or mark at the end. Moreover you can put your own signature at the end.

Theme changes:

You can also adjust the brightness control, theme change, sharpness, darkness, and blackpoint in any video as per your mood and choice. Kine master pro you this feature freely.


Animation is actually the different effects available for the video. You can check before applying any effect by clicking and changing each one and you will apply only one which will be more appropriate for the video.

kinemaster animations

Voice recording:

Kinemaster pro mod apk provides you the amazing feature of voice over on your video. Previously people used to record voice and then add it on the video which was overall exhausting and tough. Now you just have to record and apply on the video. A person can apply the exact voice where it needs to be in the appropriate place.

High resolution:

Kine master mod apk 2021 has the feature of high resolution. After editing whenever we wish to export the edited video to any social media app or our phone, kinemaster pro will ask about the resolution of the will give you options for both low and high resolutions. You can even have a resolution up to 4k.

Reversing video:

Sometimes during editing, when we preview certain edits we do not like them. So kinemaster provides us the feature of reversing the video if you do not like any changes you can simply reverse it by deleting the whole. This was not added in the kinemaster free version while it was only in the premium version. Kindmaster mod apk provides you this feature as well.

Multi layer:

Another amazing feature is the addition of multilayer. Multi layer means that in a video we can add tracks, voice, animation, gif anything of our choice. It’s quite easy to adjust these multi layers in regards to time and size.

multiple layers

Direct share:

After editing a video on kinemaster mod apk, you can now directly upload on any social media app like whats-app, Facebook, Instagram or you-tube, without saving it on your phone.

New adjustment tools:

There are so many new tools provided in kinemaster pro apk like gamma, shadow, temperature etc. you can alter the speed of video whether fast or slow as per your choice.

Live preview:

Kine master mod provides you the fantastic feature of live preview while editing the video. In this feature now you can see your editing live in the video during edit. You will have the live preview during video editing like what changes you are making in the video. It also gives a chance to check whether the certain editing suits the video or not.

Ad-free version:

Kinemaster pro gives you a version which is ad-free. Whenever we are using any app, we usually come across so many ads which are annoying as well as time wasting.

Download Kinemaster Mod Apk

It is quite easy and simple to download this app on your phone.

kinemaster mod apk download
  1. You can download it by simply clicking on the download button.
  2. After pressing download, wait for the file to be downloaded.
  3. Go to the settings of the device, and turn on the unknown source.
  4. detect the file and simply click on it for installation.
  5. After installing, click on the app and your kine master mod Apk is ready to use.

Download Kinemaster For Pc & Mac

You can directly install the kinemaster mod in your Pc & Mac. In order to download and install on your pc , you have to install an emulator first. After downloading the emulator , now download kine master mod apk in the emulator from the provided link. Install it and its ready to use. We also have detailed post about that you can visit Kinemaster for Pc & Mac.

Download Kinemaster Mod For iOS

We almost cover every part of kinmaster mods to get maximum benefit from it. Although kinemaster mod apk works on android devices perfectly. But if you are iOS (iPhone) user and still want to use kinemaster mod. Don’t worry we have solution for that. There is specified article for how to use kinemaster on iOS. You just have to visit the mention link, follow the instructions and download the kinemaster modded version for iPhone.

Learn Kinemaster

We choose very information video for you to learn Kinemaster video editing app. After watching complete video, you will be able to edit videos like a pro.


Q. From where I can download the Kinemaster mod apk latest version?

We have provided above the latest version of kinemaster mod apk. You can enjoy all the premium features with it.

Q. Is this version of kinemaster mod apk safe to download on the device?

Yes, this version is safe to be downloaded on any device. Its free of all the bugs.

Q. Do I need to root my device for downloading?

No, for kinemaster mod apk download, you do not need to root your device. It works on your device as it is.

Q. Can I export the edited videos to my social apps?

Yes, after editing your videos from kinemaster mod apk you can directly upload them on your social apps with saving them in your phone manager.

Q. Does kinemaster lite mod apk have the feature of chrome key?

Yes , lite master mod apk supports the chrome key feature. With this feature you can edit in VFX. You can enjoy this feature smoothly in lite version.

Q. What if during editing any video, my device automatically shuts down?

During editing, if your device is automatically turned off , then it will be saved till you edit. You can resume editing later from where you left.


Kinemaster mod apk is the most popular video editing app in which you can enjoy unlimited premium features like video layer, themes, effects, voice-over, live preview, no watermark . This app is so simple and smooth. Due to its simple use, it is popular in the whole world. In addition Kinemaster mod apk version makes it more special by providing all the locked features for free with paying for the premium features. We do not own this application. We are just providing its mod file. You can check our privacy and policy.